10 At Home Grooming Tips

Your either stuck at home because of covid-19 or just want to try grooming your dog at home well you are at the right place. Read on to learn more about at home grooming

  • Make Your Pet Comfortable
  •  Prepare The Bathroom Before Washing Your Pet
  • Use The Right Brush
  • Use Good Quality Shampoos And Conditioners
  •  Regularly Brush Your Dog To Prevent Matting
  • Check Your Dogs Skin While Grooming
  • Teach Your Dog To Enjoy Grooming Sessions
  • Regularly Check Your Dogs Ears
  • Dont Bathe Your Dog Too Often
  • Use Positive Reinforcement When Bathing Your Dog

I hope this was helpful for all the people out there whos dogs hate having a bath remember the positive reinforcement it is so important

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